Ankylosaurus 3
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Dinosaur
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Varying
Diet Herbivore

Ankylosaurus was an armored, herbivorous dinosaur.


A large, squat dinosaur, Ankylosaurus had thick armor covering almost all over its body, and a bone-crushing tail club. The Ankylosaurus also sported a number of spikes along its back, along with a set of curved horns on either side of its head.


One Ankylosaurus made itself known to a herd of animals led by a mammoth named Manny, who were exploring the Dinosaur World in search of one of their herd: a ground sloth named Sid. The Ankylosaurus rushed in to attack them with its club tail and chased them off, though his chase went challenged by one of the herd, a Saber-Tooth Tiger named Diego.

Further on, the Ankylosaurus went into hiding so as to avoid confrontations with the albino Baryonyx Rudy, causing Diego to deride his cowardice as a "wuss".


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Behind the Scenes

  • Game Ankylosaur

    Ankylosaur as it appears in the game.

    As with other species of dinosaur shown in the Ice Age films, Ankylosaurus' size was exaggerated as being larger than a mammoth.
  • In Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Anklyosaurus is depicted as a carnivore (or omnivore), because it has pointed teeth, but, in reality, it was a herbivore. It was speculated, however, that it attacked main heroes merely because it felt threatened (or because it wanted to defend its territory).
Dinosaur Species

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