"There she is! The mother of all asteroids, screaming towards us!"
―Buck about an asteroid[src]
Mother of all Asteroids

An asteroid is a pieces of destroyed planets in the Inner Solar System. Asteroids are made up of 80% iron and 20% mixture of nickel, iridium, palladium, gold, magnesium, and other precious metals such as osmium, ruthenium, and rhodium. They are bigger than meteors. Asteroids vary greatly in size, from almost 1000 km for the largest down to rocks just 1 meter across. The three largest are very much like miniature planets: they are roughly spherical, have at least partly differentiated interiors, and are thought to be surviving protoplanets. The vast majority, however, are much smaller and are irregularly shaped; they are thought to be either surviving planetesimals or fragments of larger bodies.


Incoming Meteors

All the animals in The Valley panicked, along with The Herd. They ran away from meteors, and their friend, a weasel named Buck, had escaped the Dinosaur World bringing a tablet up with him, that had asteroids on it, breaking upon hitting Earth. Buck announced that the mother of all asteroids was screaming toward them. But still being an asteroid, he annouced that every asteroid crashes in the same spot. In that crash site, there was a key from preventing the asteroid from colliding. Therefore, they have to go to the crash site where the asteroid was going to hit and search for the key to saving the world.