"Don't worry ma'am. I'll catch the crew that poached your egg."
―Buck to mother Trieratops[src]
Baby Triceratops
Baby Dinosaur in egg
Physical Attributes
Species Triceratops
Skin Color Burnt Orange
Biological Information
Alias Egg
Status Alive
Residence(s) Dino World
Family Mother Triceratops
Friends Buck (friend)
Enemies Gavin (enemy)
Roger (enemy)
Gertie (enemy)
Films Ice Age: Collision Course

This Baby Triceratops was a young Triceratops that belonged to a Mother Triceratops.


As an egg, this baby was stolen by a family of Dino-Birds. Buck, a weasel, was taking a shower and was able to fight the Dino-Birds while singing The Marriage of Figaro. Roger, who took the egg, was tickled by Buck with one of his own feathers, to get this egg. He ended up in a small cave, with Gavin, one of the Dino-Birds, trying to get to him. When the baby triceratops hatched, it kissed Buck on the nose and was safely returned to it's mother.