Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Bird
Height Approx. 2 ft'
Eye Color Varying
Feather Color Varying
Diet Carnivore

Baptornis, otherwise known as Diving Birds[1] were aquatic birds that were extinct during the ice ages.


Similar in many respects to penguins, Baptornis were water birds through, taking to water with their streamlined build. Sporting long, thin necks, the Baptornis caught their meals with their long beaks, lined with small teeth equipped for catching fish, and maneuvered themselves through the water with their webbed feet and tiny, flightless wings.


During the warmer stages of the ice age, the ice and snow began to thaw, allowing dozens of species, including the Baptornis, to enjoy the naturally-occurring pools and water slides located in Ice Valley. Some of the Baptornis would swim in the lakes, feeding off the schools of piranha that schooled there, while others would stay more towards the swamps and marshes. Flocks of the birds left the naturally-occurring waterpark behind upon hearing news of the land flooding, heading for a boat at the end of the valley. The Baptornis made it safely to the boat and were among those animals that registered astonishment at seeing a passing herd of mammoths, animals long since thought extinct by other animals.

Many years later, some Baptornis witnessed a meteor shower.

Behind the Scenes

Baptornis, like many of the animals within the Ice Age stories, were not true creatures of the ice ages; the Baptornis were instead creatures of the Cretaceous, along with the dinosaurs.


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