―Beaver Dad on the ice dams' destruction[src]
Beaver Bad
Horned beaver
Physical Attributes
Species Beaver
Gender Male
Fur Color Brown
Biological Information
Status Unknown
Films Ice Age: The Meltdown

This beaver was a father to at least one young beaver.


Among the animals that enjoyed the waterpark in Ice Valley, the beaver made use of the various water slides formed from the ice. While he was there, however, the beaver learned from a vulture known as the Lone Gunslinger that the ice was melting and that the land would be flooded. With that, a large chunk of ice broke free from the ice wall where the waterpark was located: the beaver rushed forward and pulled his child out of the ice's way as it nearly fell on her. Looking up at the ice wall, the beaver exclaimed on the dam.

This beaver was among those animals that left the waterpark in search of a boat at the end of the valley, which all animals in the valley boarded and successfully escaped the flood, the beaver among them.


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Ice Age: The Meltdown (First appearance)

Behind the Scenes

This beaver was voiced by George Jacobs, who voiced a different beaver in Ice Age: Continental Drift.