Blue-footed booby
Silas (main)
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Bird
Species Bird
Height 1 ft
Eye Color Varying
Feather Color Varying
Diet Omnivore

Blue-footed boobies are seabirds that were extant during the ice ages into the present day.


Medium-sized seabirds, blue-footed boobies' most notable trait is their webbed, light blue feet, which are often used as paddles while swimming. Adept at flight, blue-footed boobies have mottled grey and white feathers and have long, horned beaks. At least one blue-footed booby, Silas, had a touch of red-and-white pigmentation atop his head.


Among the species of animals and birds affected by the shift of the continents was the blue-footed booby, which, prior to the shift of the continents, was more partial to reside in the south of what is presently France. One such blue-footed booby named Silas found a place in the piratical animal crew of a seafaring ape named Gutt, becoming Gutt's trusted scout.


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Behind the Scenes

Silas, being the only depicted blue-footed booby in the series, is labeled as a petrel by Peter DeSève, sharing the horned beak of petrels, which blue-footed boobies do not have, instead having thin, grey beaks.[1]


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