Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Boar
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Skin Color Varying

Boars are large, tusked mammals that lived during the ice age into the present day.


Coated in bristly fur, boars are four-legged, hoofed mammals with flat-ended sensitive snouts used for finding food. Boars sport a set of pointed horns, which, during the ice ages, were much more numerous, and have small eyes with short, broad ears and short, thin tails with a small quantity of short, bristly hair at the end. Thickly-built, boars are strong, fast-moving mammals that charge any threats or challenges.



Boars as they appear in the second movie's videogame.

Among the animals impacted by the continental drifts during the ice ages, in which the continents began to split and divide, were boars. One, a male named Dobson, was cast out to sea and rescued by the piratical ape Gutt, being compelled to be on his crew of piratical animals aboard Gutt's iceberg ship.


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Behind the Scenes

True boars do not have as many tusks as was shown in the film Ice Age: Continental Drift.


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