"Say "Hi", Everyone. (Chuckles) Isn't she gorgeous?"
―Buck to the herd[src]
Baby Pumpkin Ice Age 5
Physical Attributes
Species Pumpkin
Gender Female
Skin Color Orange
Biological Information
Alias Pumpkin
Little One (by Buck)
Lucky Pumpkin (by Roger)
Status Active
Residence(s) Herd Valley
Family Buck (adoptive father)
Pineapple Wife (possible adoptive mother)
Buck's Grandfather (adoptive great grandfather)
Films Ice Age: Collision Course

Bronwyn was a baby pumpkin rescued by a weasel named Buck. She is a supporting character in Ice Age: Collision Course.


"Lucky Pumpkin."

This Baby Pumpkin was rescued by Buck in the forest during the electrical storm as he heard her "crying". He managed to save the baby and adopt her as his own, naming her Bronwyn. It's gender is confirmed as female when a part of the stem of the pumpkin falls off. While Buck settles down for the night, he sings his daughter a lullaby about a dinosaurs. He baby talks to her, and carries her in a sling. Buck takes this pumpkin along his journey with his herd.


Ice Age: Collision Course (First appearance)