Physical Attributes
Species Minicorn
Gender Male
Eye Color Light Brown
Fur Color Red
Yellow Underbelly
Biological Information
Residence(s) Geotopia
Family Misty (sister)
Friends Brooke (squad leader)
Films Ice Age: Collision Course (First appearance)
Voiced by Lilly Singh

Bubbles was a chill and cool minicorn that was a resident of Geotopia. Just like his sister, Misty, Bubbles was a warden of the crystal infused world of Geotopia and can often be found by Brooke's side. Misty, like Brooke, is always positive. Bubbles, however, isn't such a ray of sunshine.


Bubbles and his twin sister, Misty, are two colorful minicorns that lived in Geotopia, lead by Shangri Llama. One day, the Geotopia tour guide, Brooke, brought in a herd of different animals. In the herd was Sid, a ground sloth, who caught Brooke's eye. Bubbles went under Sid, making Sid ride him and bucked him off by Brooke. Bubbles and his sister are apart of Brooke's Squad and come when she calls them.


This Guy? For real? Whatever
Bubbles, unlike his sister, isn't as positive and such a ray of sunshine as he appears to be. He has a red pelt with spots and a yellow underbelly. Bubbles has a brown nose with a horn. He has dark yellow hair with purple crystals in his mane. Whenever he walks, glitter sprinkles behind him.


Behind the Scenes

Bubbles was voiced by Lilly Singh also known as Superwomen.


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