"'Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Purple sky at night...who moved my foot cream? I need my foot cream!' Grampy was a confused and angry weasel."
―Buck in his Grandfather's voice and about him[src]
Buck's Grandfather
Physical Attributes
Species Weasel
Gender Male
Biological Information
Alias Grandfather
Status Presumably deceased
Family Buck (grandson)
Pineapple Wife ("granddaughter-in-law")
Bronwyn ("great granddaughter")
Films Collision Course (Mentioned only)

Buck's Grandfather was an angry and confused weasel that was the grandfather of another weasel called Buck.


Buck's grandfather would tell stories and lessons to his grandson, Buck. One time, he was very upset to discover that someone had moved his foot cream. One day, Buck told his herd about his grandfather.


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