"Look! I opened my camp: Campo de Sid. It means 'Camp of Sid'.
Congratulations. You're now an idiot in two languages.
―Sid to Diego about his new camp[src]
Campo de Sid
Campo De Sid
Inhabitants Sid

Campo de Sid, or Camp of Sid, was a day camp that was run by Sid, a ground sloth.


During the days of the ice age in which the ice and snow began melting, naturally-formed water slides and pools arose, allowing animals of all kinds to enjoy themselves. Sid, a ground sloth sought to start up a small day camp for young animals where he would watch over them as a lifeguard. The camp consisted of small streams of water, a few ponds and pools, and water slides formed from ice.

Sid did his best to act an authority figure, but the children never listened to him, instead playing pranks and physically abusing the sloth, led by a rowdy young aardvark named James. Not until Manny, a mammoth, and Diego, a saber-tooth tiger, both friends of Sid stepped in did the young animals have any respect for authority figures, as they tied up Sid in a vine and left him to untangle himself: Manny had better luck with the children, keeping them calm by telling them a story about a burro.

Sid left the water camp behind as he climbed up to the top of the waterpark, at the highest point: a lethal water slide known as the Eviscerator, which no sensible animals went on. Sid made it through the water slide with no injuries, but promptly left the waterpark, along with all the other animals, when they learned that the ice was melting and would flood the entire valley that they lived in. Sid abandoned his day camp and left with his friends, leaving the day camp, along with all the other water slides, to be destroyed by the floods.

After the animals all survived the flood, Sid thought about starting up another day camp to teach young animals how to swim called "Sid's Squids".


Behind the Scenes

The translation of Campo is mistakenly Camp when the proper Spanish/Portuguese translation is Field. Therefore, the camp names proper translation is Field of Sid. Despite that "Campo" can also mean "Camp", but the more proper Spanish is "Campamento", and Portuguese "Acampamento".

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