"Barfed on by a plant...AWESOME!"
Crash and Eddie's reaction to the plant exploding.[src]
Carnivorous Plant
Carnivorous Plant
Physical Attributes
Species Carnivore Plant
Skin Color Red
Biological Information
Status Exploded by Buck cutting wire
Residence(s) Jungle of Misery
Friends Jungle of Misery plant residents
Films Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The carnivorous plant was a gigantic flower-like plant with vines that it used as appendages.


What looks like a mossy patch of ground with tasty looking fruit, is a deadly prehistoric plant. It lifts it's prey into into the air with long vines, then drops them into the space between it's huge red petals and engulfs its prey. It will begin to secrete digestive juices that result in symptoms such as tingling, itching and others before being melted into bones. The only way to survive is to swim to the bottom, and cut open the round lump that you find there. Inside, there are two capillarie stems. Cutting the red one will result in the plant contracting slightly before digesting even more rapidly, but the blue one, when cut, causes the plant to regurgitate, thus freeing it's victims. This also appears to kill the plant.

The plant digests its victim very quickly, in about 3-5 minutes, unless its blue capillary is cut, causing it to throw up its victims along with lots of juices from its body.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Manny and Diego were nearly eaten by one such giant plant, and are warned that they will by nothing but bones in 3 minutes, before Buck squeezes in, and cuts the red stem. The plant begins to sink into the ground squeezing the trapped trio tightly and very nearly digesting them before Buck is just able to cut the blue one and the plant regurgitates them out. A few other types of carnivorous plants, which look like pitcher plants with retractable eye stalks, make brief appearances.

Video Game

The plant appears in the video game based on the movie where it is the first true boss.It has several battle stages.Once Buck manages to destroy its petals he must reach the core and save Manny and Diego.The plant also makes several hich-pitched screeches during the battle.

Another type of carnivorous plant appears in Ice Age Village, presented as a large red flower with a vine in the center that ends in an acorn-shaped lure. It is specialized to hunt saber-toothed squirrels, and can be seen repeatedly capturing and eating them in the game.