Cassowary Ice Age Village
Vital statistics
Class Aves
Height 4.9-5.9 ft tall
Eye color blue
Hair color
Feather color black/grey
Skin color blue on neck, red wattles
Diet Herbivore
Other names
Species information
First appearance Ice Age Village
Latest appearance
Last appearance Ice Age Village

The Cassowary is a large, flightless bird that lived and survived during the ice ages and into the present day.


Large, flightless birds, cassowaries were herbivores that mainly eat fruit. They had large crests on their heads that they used to break through dense undergrowth. Though they only ate plants, they were extremely dangerous, able to slash predators open using the sharp talons on their feet.

Behind the Scenes

The cassowary, like many animals in the Ice Age Franchise, was not a true animal of the ice age, instead being from the Holocene, long after the end of the ice age.