Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Bear
Height Approx. 8.5 ft'
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Diet Omnivore

Chalicotheres, known more colloquially as "bears", were large mammals that lived during the ice ages.


Large, bipedal mammals, chalicotheres carried themselves in a manner similar to gorillas: two long, clawed front limbs reached out for food while two short hind legs moved the round, woolly body. Chalicothere heads were similar to those of horses, with two, pointed ears, a long snout filled with flat teeth and large nostrils, all atop a long, sinewy neck.


In the Ice Valley a number of chalicotheres lived in the forests, with none of them visiting the waterpark where so many other animals went. The chalicotheres joined the other herds of animals and headed for the boat at the end of the valley upon learning that the valley where they lived was soon to flood. The chalicotheres all escaped the flood and moved on elsewhere. One notable chalicothere, a male named Cholly, briefly met a herd of animals and himself was mistaken for a mammoth for his flatulence.


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Behind the Scenes

Chalicotheres, like many other animals shown in the Ice Age films, were not true creatures of the ice ages but rather the era preceding them.

In the video game Ice Age Village, the chalicothere is referred to as "gravelbeast", which is a simplification of its scientific name, "Chalicotherium" meaning "gravel beast".


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