Gutt eaten alive by sirens
"Can you open this for me?"
―Granny to Sid about opening a clam shell[src]

Clams are living things protected by hard shells that lived in the ice ages into the current age.


Clams are known for producing pearls made from sources such as sand. They are very similar to oysters. A ground sloth named Sid, was on an iceberg from the ruins of a ship with his herd. His grandma, which he called Granny, asked him to open a clam for her, and he accepted. When he managed to get it open, a saber-tooth squirrel called Scrat, was inside. Granny hit Scrat with her stick, thinking he was a rat, causing him to fall.

Captain Gutt was presumably killed by a siren in a clam shell as well.

Sid Proposing
Later, Sid tries to propose to his girlfriend, Francine with a similar clam shell, with a pearl inside. He brought her to a romantic area he put together and proposed to her. She didn't accept. She broke up with him and said he was clingy and looked nothing like his profile picture. He tried to convince her to stay, saying he planned their whole future and how he even hired a Mariachi Band. She threw him off her back, as he was clinging on to her, and left, leaving Sid rejected.