Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Bird
Eye Color Varying
Feather Color Varying
Skin Color Varying
Diet Carnivore

Condors are carnivorous birds of prey that lived during the ice ages into the modern era.


Medium-sized birds, condors build nests in high places, often trees or ledges, where they lay their eggs and keep them safe from predators, bringing food back to their hatchlings. Condors' heads are mostly devoid of feathers, allowing for better hygiene when eating a kill. Powerful fliers, condors can devour much of a carcass and detect carrion with their powerful sense of smell.


During the days of the ice ages in which the ice began to melt, one condor made her nest at the top of an ice pillar, where one single egg was laid: this condor swiped the acorn from a saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat to feed it to her hatchling.

The egg hatched and the young bird found Scrat in the nest, attempting to take back his acorn, but the hatchling would not let him have the acorn, instead swallowing it before being forced to cough it up. Scrat attempted to fight the young condor for his acorn, but the mother showed up, angry that Scrat was intruding in her nest. With one powerful kick down, the mother condor broke Scrat through the nest's bottom.

Further on, the mother condor left the nest with her hatchling, who gestured to Scrat that he would soon die.

Years later, a group of animals passed through a forest journeying to a destination where an Asteroid was going to hit. One of the mammals, Manny was mocking his future son-in-law, Julian, behind his back. When Julian turned around, noticing Manny was making fun of him, Manny quickly gestured and admired a condor they passed, calling it "pretty". Julian agreed with Manny, and turned back around, happy again.


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