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Physical Attributes
Species Divine
Gender N͎ͣ̚̚u͓̤̦͍̘̟̫͆̓̏̑̔̓͌l̨̘̭̜̮̱̋̄ḽ̝͊
Height Non-Existent
Weight Non-Existent
Eye Color No longer needed
Feather Color No longer needed
Biological Information
Alias Him
Status Transcended
Residence(s) Within All
Family All living entities in the cosmos
Friends All intelligent lifeforms
Enemies Such power cannot generate enemies
Films Ice Age Pocatello
Video Games ARK: Survival Evolved
Voiced by Toby Fox

Dab was an extremely intelligent demi-god Dodo.


Born in ancient Egypt, Dab was not seen as anything more than just a normal dodo bird. As any child dodo would, Dab explored his limits, however, he never felt that there was a limit. Every day Dab would set his mind to a new task, and eventually, complete that task. After years of training, Dab managed to become a master in every aspect a simple dodo bird could be. A short while after reaching maximum physical strength, Dab knew he could be more. He slowed his dedicated life towards physical, and started working in all fields of the mind. Dab spent countless hours in silence, simply contemplating when he would reach a new level of thinking. That was, until he was finally had hit his deepest and darkest mindset. Dab knew he was no longer a simple dodo, if anything, he knew he wasn't physical. Leaving his worthless vessel behind, Dab transcended into a new meta-physical form. Dab was no longer Dab, he was Him. Dab was a deity.


Dab was out foraging for food to return to his flock as part of a stockpile for the oncoming ice age, and found one melon not far from where his flock was, in the grip of a mammoth named Manny. Dab snatched the melon away from the mammoth's grip and made off with it, squawking at Manny before he left the scene.

Later, Dab returned to his flock, leaving the melon in the stockpile with two others and spotted Manny, accompanied by a ground sloth named Sid and a Saber-tooth Tiger named Diego. Calling out to the others that intruders had come, Dab was not looking where was going and continued calling out until he fell into a smouldering pit, being burned.

Personality and Traits

An amalgam of all possible traits and personalities


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Behind the Scenes

  • Dab was voiced by Toby Fox.
  • Although believed to be burnt to death, he was simply waiting within the flame until all remembrance would be lost through the ages.


  • Ice Age DVD (Scene Specific Audio Commentary)