"Oh yeah. Every year my dad would bring home the biggest, fattest gazelles he could find and then we'd all rip into their..."
―Diego on his Christmas traditions.[src]
Diego's Father
Physical Attributes
Species Saber-Tooth Tiger
Gender Male
Biological Information
Alias Dad (by Diego)
Status Presumed deceased
Family Diego (son)
Shira (daughter-in-law)
Friends Pack members
Shorts Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (Mentioned only)

Diego's father was a Saber-Tooth Tiger who was the father of Diego and took care of him and his pack.


Little is known about Diego's father, as Diego had once mentioned the Christmas traditions that sabers celebrated were eating Gazelle. He explained that each and every year his dad would hunt down big, fat gazelles, bring them back home, and the sabers would all feast upon them. Diego's explanation was cut short by Ellie, a mammoth, when she gestured towards her frightened daughter, Peaches. Diego then ended making the rest of his story up, stating that they didn't feast on the gazelles, but ripped opened they presents and played games with them instead, in order to not frighten his niece. It is likely that this saber was hunted with many other sabers, because Soto, the pack leader explains that many other sabers hunted by the Humans.