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Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Dromaeosaur (Dinosaur)
Height Approx. 6 ft'
18 ft' wide
Eye Color Yellow
Feather Color Red
Skin Color Blue scales and white bellies
Diet Carnivore

Dino-Birds are a species of Dromaeosaur that were feathered half-bird dinosaurs.


Dino-Birds had feathered wings, backs, heads and tails, and long hooked claws. They are thought to have held on to their prey with their claws, and balanced with their arms. They also used their wings to shield their eggs.


Some Dino-Birds traveled in packs to take down much larger prey, like The Dino-Bird Family, but others traveled alone. They are believed to have lived the same time the Tyrannosaurus Rex lived.


Known Dino-Birds


  • The Dino-birds are the first species of dinosaurs to be shown fully speaking like the mammals in the franchise.  
  • The Dino-birds were probably Dakotaraptors, which were discovered in 2015 and lived alongside Tyrannosaurus Rex. This can be noticed especially in the large 'killing claw' on the Dino-Birds, which were present on raptors and raptor-like dinosaurs in the past.
  • Real Dakotaraptors and other Dromaeosaurs could not fly, unlike the Dino-Birds portrayed in the movie. However one genus of genus of crow-sized Dromaeosaur, Microraptor, was capable of limited flight due to the presence of well-developed pennaceous feathers on both its arms and its legs.
  • Unlike other dromaeosaurs in pop culture, the dino-birds were given both scales and feathers, including wings and a tail fan, which they had in real life. However, in dromeasaurs the feather covering would have been covering almost all of the body, minus the bottom of the feet, the tip of the nose, and possibly the shin. This difference can be explained in the same way of the previous one.