Dung Beetle
Dung beetle
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Insecta
Species Beetle
Height Less than 6 inches
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Varying
Diet Omnivore

Dung beetles are small insects that lived into the modern age.


As insects, dung beetles are tiny creatures that roll orbs made of animal dung so as to feed it to their young. Blue-shelled with six limbs, dung beetles sport small horns that vary in size: males have longer and thicker horns than females.


One family of dung beetles resided in Ice Valley and was quick to leave upon learning that the valley they lived in was soon to flood due to the melting ice walls. The dung beetles carried with them a ball of dung, which was a gift from the dung beetles' grandmother. Later on, the dung beetles rolled happily down, riding on the ball of dung as it rolled down.

At least one dung beetle found his way onto a hanging mobile made by the possum brothers Crash and Eddie, reaching out angrily with his six limbs.

Another group of dung beetles, these being of varying colors from blue to pink and yellow to green, ended up being used to decorate a tree that the ground sloth Sid set up for Christmas.


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Behind the Scenes

True dung beetles have no horn, this trait was borrowed from rhinoceros beetles.

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