Physical Attributes
Kingdom Bird
Species American Bald Eagle
Height 35-37 inches tall
Eye Color Usually yellow
Feather Color White head
Varying body and wing feathers

Eagles are large birds that lived in the ice ages into the current age.


Eagles have sharp talons and beaks to help them pick up fish and other prey. Most bald eagles have white heads, giving them the name bald eagle, and brownish colored feathers on their wings and body. The bald eagle is a powerful flier, and soars on thermal convection currents. It reaches speeds of 56–70 km/h (35–43 mph) when gliding and flapping, and about 48 km/h (30 mph) while carrying fish. Its dive speed is between 120–160 km/h (75–99 mph), though it seldom dives vertically. It is partially migratory, depending on location.

History (in the game)

The eagle in the video game is a territorial predator who attacks Manny in Ice Age (video game). The player will find the eagle as the fourth boss of the stage. To defeat it, the player must avoid its bombard attack and then attack the predator. The player will also know there is an eagle chick which cannot be killed. The eagle repeats the pattern again. It is based on a Haast's eagle (Harpagornis moorei). It clearly resembles the American bald eagle.

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