Flynn sitting on Sid
Elephant seal
Vital statistics
Class Mammalia
Height Approx. 16 feet long
Eye color Varying
Hair color
Feather color
Skin color Greyish
Diet Piscivore
Other names
Species information
First appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift
Latest appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift (video game)
Last appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift

Elephant seals are large, sea-based mammals that lived during the ice ages into the present day.


Large, blubbery mammals, elephant seals are immense in size and weight, being somewhat clumsy on land but are able swimmers. Elephant seals' namesake is derived in part from their immense size and their short trunk-like snouts, which are present only in males. Fish-eating in nature, elephant seals propel themselves in water with their flat front and hind flippers, and are capable of quick bursts of speed on land if pressed.


Like other animals worldwide, elephant seals were impacted by the continental shifts, with one notable male named Flynn taking to the seas alongside a seafaring ape named Gutt as Gutt's second mate aboard his iceberg-turned ship.


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Behind the Scenes

True elephant seals are in reality far smaller than mammoths.

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