Ellie's herd was a family of opossums she thought she belonged to since they adopted her, she mentions them in the second movie. Ellie mentioned a relative called Cousin Wilton, who was killed and devoured by a vulture, and the official website mentions her "grandma". Her brothers are Crash and Eddie.

Elle was found by a mother opossum who, along with her small twin children, Crash and Eddie, taught Ellie about the goodness of life, with tender loving care and motherly wisdom, She teaches Ellie how to hang from her tail, climb trees, play dead and camouflage in bushes. She also taught Ellie how to fend for herself and to take care of her two boys, when she was old enough. Ellie's orignal herd was either hunted down or got lost in a blizzard, during the early stages of the ice age. Little is known about Ellie's family or what has happened to her maternal parents.

Ellie's (adopted and real) family members:

  • Grandma - Grandmother ( mentioned in the Official Website )

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