Expect the Unexpected is the 12nd level of the video game Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game).


Buck is creating some rules for the herd, they are:

  • Rule number 1: Always listen to Buck;
  • Rule number 2: Stay on the trail;
  • Rule number 3: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED;

but after created the last rule, an Ankylosaurus gives him a tail hit and falls down getting separated from the herd. Now he must find a way to get back to the herd. He is in an ample space with some dinosaurs and a Pachyosaur. He can ride the Pachyosaur and he has to destroy an entrance of a cave. Buck then has to enter and unexpectedly has to destroy a hornet's hive. After destroyed it, he enters in a circular and very high cave. He has to water a leaf to climb up a rock. But when he is up the rock, a poison green gas starts to go up the cave and Buck must escape from it. When he is at the top of the cave finds five poison plants. Buck has to defeat them. After that, the gas disappears and a new arm appears: The spore cannon. Buck has to use it to open an entrance. He passes through the quiet passage, but unexpectedly has to defeat lots of guanlongs. After that he goes in a very tall cliff that is up the starting point. In front of it there are many rocks hanging on some stalactites. Buck has to jump from rock to rock to arrive on the other side of the cliff. He has to passe a cave but unexpectedly (again) has to stun a Triceratops. After done that all seems calm and quiet but unexpectedly has to defeat lost of dinosaurs and spitting plants. And that's not all: the Triceratops stunned before from a leaning pointed rock wakes up and Buck must fight him. Then Buck passes a cave that leads to a cascade zone. He climbs up some projections but unexpectedly Buck has to defeat five Dragonflies in a very small cliff. Buck then climbs up a cliff and passes a cave. Then he has to cross a very very long vine and finally, he gets back to the herd.


  • Cyan: in the central column in the circular cave
  • Red: inside a cave after the Triceratops fight, it can be only opened with a Pachyosaur
  • Blue: in a small cliff right to the first rod in the four rods that lead to the Dragonflie's fight


  • The music in the part when Buck fights the Dragonflies is the same during the hornets hive's battles. This is the only time it happens.
  • When the Triceratops is defeated, suddently appears the Pachyosaur.
  • This is the first time where all the three principal types of dinosaurs (Troodons, Dilophosaurs and Guanlongs) appear together.