Flower Power is the 9th level of the videogame Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game).


Buck is talking to his statue when he ears a scream: it's Ellie! Buck climbs up a vine to go up a small relief. He then has to cling on a rock to go on the other side of the relief. Arrived here he finds some spitting plants and carnivorous plants, he's better to defeat them if he doesn't wanna be eaten. After crossing a gallery he finds himself in front of a huge tree. He has to find a way inside it, but is not easy how it seems, because he has to defeat some troodons, after he has to climb up a small relief where founds a new arm: the liquid spray. He must water some leaves to get back to the base of the tree, now he has to water other leaves to enter the tree. After climbed up the tree he has to cross a long vine to reach the top of the tree, but he founds himself face to face to a hornets hive. He has to deafeat it to continue. Then he has to slide into a long vine. Then he has to defeat some dinosaurs and dragonflies and finally, he meets his first boss: Ankylosaurus. He has to defeat it to complete the level.