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Ice age frozen allosaurus-1468939620

Frozen Dinosaur and Sid

This frozen dinosaur was a theropod dinosaur that was frozen in ice.


At some point during the Mesozoic, during the heyday of all dinosaurs, this dinosaur was caught in a body of water during the pursuit of some other animal and frozen into ice, where its body remained in suspended animation. The ice containing the dinosaur remained unthawed and formed part of a vast ice cave in which various other creatures remained frozen as well. It appears it was running after something, ready to eat it.

One day, the ground sloth Sid encountered the dinosaur frozen while in a cave and was caught in fear and surprise at having run into the beast's frozen visage, replete with pointed teeth and claws.


A medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur, this individual had short, three-clawed front limbs, a mouth full of sharp teeth, long hind legs with clawed feet and two rows of short spines along its neck and back.


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