Physical Attributes
Species Hyrax
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Fur Color Orange
Biological Information
Status Alive
Residence(s) Hyrax Jungle (formerly)
The Valley
Friends Manny
Hyrax Jungle residents

Enemies Gutt (enemy)
Flynn (enemy)
Raz (enemy)
Dobson (enemy)
Gupta (enemy)
Squint (enemy)
Silas (enemy)
Films Ice Age: Continental Drift
Ice Age: Collision Course

Fuzzy was the leader of the Hyraxes, who appears in Ice Age: Continental Drift. He also ends up appearing in Ice Age: Collision Course.


Fuzzy appeared with his fellow Hyrax before Manny, a mammoth and his friends when they arrived at Switch-back Cove. Manny hoped to broker an alliance against Captain Gutt and his crew, who had enslaved some of the other Hyraxes. Although Fuzzy and his fellow Hyraxes did not understand Manny, Sid, a sloth could speak their language, and they agreed to help. After a successful diversion, the other Hyrax were freed, and the Hyraxes followed the Sub-Zero Heroes out to sea, eventually ending up at the same island as they did.

In Ice Age: Collision Course, he was intended to be the marriage officiant for Sid's planned wedding with Francine, until Sid was rejected by her.
Proposal Area
Later on, he became the wedding officiant for Peaches' and Julian's wedding.


Fuzzy could be distinguished from his fellow Hyraxes by his fluffier body and large eyebrows. He has an orange pelt and a cream underbelly with big bright green eyes.


Ice Age: Continental Drift (First appearance)

Ice Age: Collision Course