"It's a good thing you got your mother's eyes. Or you would be totally useless."
―Gavin to Roger[src]
Gavin's Wife
Physical Attributes
Species Dino-Bird
Gender Female
Eye Color Light orange-brown
Biological Information
Alias Mother
Status Presumably Deceased
Residence(s) Dinosaur World
Family Gavin (husband)
Gertie (daughter)
Roger (son)
Films Ice Age: Collision Course (Mentioned only)

Gavin's Wife was a Dino-Bird that was apart of a family of dino-birds.


This dino-bird had amazing eyesight and she was able to see things extremely far away. She married Gavin, and had two children, her daughter, Gertie, and her son, Roger. She passed on her eyesight trait onto her son. She was kind, passing it onto her son and a little on her daughter as well. It is unknown what happened to her. She is mentioned by Gavin. Gavin tells Roger he'd be useless without his mother's eyes, because she could see really well and he loved remembering his wife's eyes.