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Gazelle (character)
Physical Attributes
Species Gazelle
Gender Male
Fur Color Light Brown
Biological Information
Status Unknown
Enemies Diego (former enemy)
Films Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Voiced by Bill Hader

"My hooves are burning baby, they are burning! Look at this, I gotta tiptoe, I gotta tiptoe, eat my dust, Dingo!"
―Gazelle to Diego after escaping him.[src]

This unnamed gazelle was pursued by a Saber-Tooth Tiger named Diego.


Chased by Diego

Grazing in a field one day, this gazelle was ambushed by a saber-toothed cat named Diego, the saber chasing after the gazelle in hot pursuit through the field, but after a short while, Diego, who had grown tired after such a chase, began to slow down and the gazelle outran him. Upon seeing the fallen saber, the gazelle returned to mock Diego, prancing about and boasting of his escape as he kicked dust in Diego's face before running off.

Soon after, the gazelle ran past Diego, who had long since given up on the chase, calling at the saber to run as a massive Tyrannosaurus grew closer. The gazelle escaped in time, as did Diego.

Chased by Shira

"Please don't eat me!"
―Gazelle to Shira[src]

A while later, this gazelle was chased by Diego's mate, Shira. She chased him passed Diego and Diego's friend, Manny a mammoth. She growled when he asked her to please not eat him.


A boastful animal, the gazelle was easily surprised but prideful when he managed to outrun danger. Sporting the same traits of other gazelles of his time, from two pronged horns and a slight build to cloven hooves and a horned snout, the gazelle easily escaped prey on long, thin running legs.


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Behind the Scenes

The gazelle is voiced by comedian Bill Hader.

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