Origins: Within an Asteroid Crashsite lies the Utopian paradise known as Geotopia. Overtime within the past millions of years the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs outer shell has become a gigantic Geode-like rock substance, Geodes are formed from the bubbles of volcanic rock and form over millions of years inside a hallow rock substance, crystals have grown overtime from microscopic to EPIC sizes, and they are found everywhere in Geotopia. They come in many different coloration variations, and seem to have magical powers to enforce those specimen who carry one/many of these crystals to stop aging and regain youth again with lucious long hair/feathers/fur. At this point it is unknown if these crystals are the source that make Geotopian animals/residents colourful. Most Geotopians wear them as necklaces.

Shangri Llama, a llama, was the leader of the magical land called Geotopia, having his subjects wear these crystals, causing them to be in their youth for long periods of time. Teddy, a rabbit, claims that he is 326 years old. The herd, entering Geotopia, were welcomed by the Geotopia tour guide, Brooke, a ground sloth, who has lost count of the years the Geotopians lived there.


These crystals are varying from sizes, some being larger than mammoths, others being small enough to make into necklaces. They vary colors as well as shapes.