Geotopia Diatryma
Geotopia Diatyma
Physical Attributes
Species Gastornis
Gender Female
Eye Color Light Brown
Feather Color Green/Yellow/Reddish Orange
Biological Information
Status Alive
Residence(s) Geotopia
Friends Geotopia Palaeotherium
Geotopia Musk Ox
Geotopian Aardvark
Films Ice Age: Collision Course

The Geotopia Diatryma was a resident of Geotopia.


Like the rest of the Geotopians, the Geotopia Diatryma stayed in her youth, with a gem, with Shangri Llama, their leader had them wear.


This Gastornis has Orange/yellow tinted feathers with some Green back feathers and top head feathers like many animals that are the residents to the crystalised world, they are vibrant in color as well with more feather's as those in Geotopia have more fur/hair/feathers than those outside of Geotopia probably a side effect on the magical youth powers of the crystals.