Geotopian Volcano
Is this the volcano
Inhabitants Geodes

The Geotopian Volcano was a volcano that stopped an asteroid.


This volcano was filled with crystals, in hopes to launch them in the air, and throw the asteroid elsewhere. All the air leaks were covered by the help of the herd. Buck, a weasel was helping by telling the Geotopians the time in which it was coming, found out that they were behind time, and rushed to bring a giant crystal in. Two mammoths, Manny and Julian, with the help of three Dino-Birds, Gavin, Gertie, and Roger, were able to get it in the volcano. It didn't go off. Granny, a sloth, realized that there was a very tiny air leak and put her staff in it, making the volcano erupt, causing the crystals to fly and the asteroid to be sent elsewhere. They all celebrated.