"Daddy, who made the Grand Canyon?
…only nature could make something this beautiful. Nature, or a being of infinite wisdom.
―A beaver father and son on the Grand Canyon's origins.[src]
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Inhabitants Present Day Beavers

The Grand Canyon is a vast canyon that was formed in ancient days.


During the days of the ice ages, a ground sloth named Sid led a small group of young animals on a nature hike through a forest. To mark the path, Sid carved an image of his face onto the trees surrounding the area. The young animals, however, did not share his enthusiasm and accused him of being too dangerous to lead a hike. To prove them wrong, Sid claimed that he was "nature's son" and that he wouldn't hurt a flower: Sid found a flower and attempted to pick it, but its roots were too deep into the ground. Once Sid yanked the flower out of the ground, a nearby tree was yanked down as well, striking a rock that was near a sheer drop downhill.

The rock slid and collided with a much larger rock, which in turn struck an even bigger rock, which slid as well down the hill and hit a glacier. The glacier broke off and fell down the valley, gouging an immense trough into the earth as it slid down the land. While the young animals were angry with the sloth for his mistake, Sid felt no shame, claiming that he had created a "nice canyon", but wishing he could think of a name for it.

Years later, into the modern age, a father beaver and his young son marveled at the canyon, the young beaver asking his father who had created the canyon. The father answered his son that only nature itself could have built such a formation; nature, or a "being of infinite wisdom". Not far off from where the two beavers were was a remnant of petrified wood that had Sid's face carved on it.


Behind the Scenes

The real Grand Canyon was in reality the result of the Colorado River running through vast layers of rock and took approximately two billion years to form, much older than twenty thousand years as Sid was said to have built it.

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