Human Tribe
Roshan returns to Runar
Breed Neanderthal
Members Runar (leader)
Tribe Dogs
Other Human members
Films Ice Age
Status Unknown

The Human Tribe was a group of humans that had a settlement, lead by Runar.


This tribe was known for killing and using the pelts of saber-tooth tigers. One Saber pack lead by Soto, was planning revenge on this tribe's leader for killing members of their pack. The pack decided to take the leader's son, Roshan. One day, Diego, who was in charge of taking the baby, took the baby but was stopped by the baby's mother, Nadia, who was at a dead end. To Diego's surprise, Nadia jumped down the waterfall. The baby was found by a mammoth named Manny and a ground sloth named Sid. Later, the baby was returned to his father. Runar gifted Manny with a necklace.



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