Hyrax Statue of Liberty
The Hyrax Statue was a statue of a hyrax that bares a similarity to the Statue of Liberty.The Hyrax Statue of Liberty was a effigy of a hyrax created by a group of Hyrax. The effigy was created to welcome all of the animals of Snow Valley, who were in search of a new home. The statue becomes apart of the animals new home, Herd Valley.


This statue was created and designed by a group of Hyrax who welcomed the animals of Snow Valley. This was apart of the animals new home, Herd Valley. When first seen, it is located at the bay of Herd Valley, but the statue was later moved and located at the top of a hill.
Hyrax statue of liberty
A few years later, the valley itself was struct by a meteor shower, with most of the land being destroyed. While the animals of the land panicked and ran, this statue was struck by an asteroid and destroyed.
Hyrax Stature in Ruins
The statue was shown again the next day in ruins, as one Hyrax yelled in despair of it's destruction.


This Hyrax Statue is a gray hyrax dressed in an robe-like dress with a crown. It is holding a banana and appears to be on a hill full of trees.


Ice Age: Continental Drift (First appearance)

Ice Age: Collision Course