This article is about the unlicensed Nintendo video game for Game Boy Color. To see results about the original LICENSED Game Boy Advance game, see Ice Age (Video Game).

The 2002 video game ICE AGE released for Game Boy Advance had recieved poor reviews from GameRankings and MetaCritic. This played a roll in shutting down Fox Interactive. Afterwards, Fox worked with Nintendo to make a new ICE AGE video game in 2003 for Game Boy Color and Nintendo64. For not known reasons, this was cancelled. However, GBC copies were released in China. Some say it is a pirate bootleg, but there is no evidence for this claim. In game play, you play as an animated character that somewhat resembles Sid The Sloth, and there are 3 levels of each enviornment. You collect 50 ice crystals on all levels to earn a bonus. You also climb ladders to higher grounds. You also grab enemies such as SaberTooth Tiger, Neandrathal, and Abonidible Snowmen in order to do a double jump or super attack on another enemy. In order to restore health, you come up to Scrat and steal his walnut. There is a boss fight at the end of every third level.

Ice Age GBC level 1

The image shows footage of the first level.

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