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Scene 1

Neil deBuck Weasel: [First lines] The universe... a vast expanse of space and matter. It includes all that we see, and all that we know. Since the beginning of time, we have wondered how it came to be. A gloriously orchestrated plan? A chance series of events? Or something much, much dumber? [we see Scrat finds a UFO on his hunt for his acorn after which he accidentally destroyed planets in the universe and breaks a asteroid into two pieces falling to Earth]

[as Peaches and Manny are playing hockey, Crash and Eddie are the hosts of the game with pinecones on sticks like microphones]

Crash: It’s a beautiful day out here on the ice as father meets daughter in a quest for hockey supremacy.

Eddie: It’s Peaches meets Manny.

Crash: Mammoth meets mammoth.

Eddie: Mano a mano.

Crash: Meema me mo-ma.

Eddie: Mama may mee-mee.

Manny: [as he slides by them] Will you two quit it?!

Crash: M-okay.

Eddie: Meanie!

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Brooke: [floating down on a board] I can’t believe it! Visitors! We’ve never had visitors! [giggling] Somebody pinch me! Or should I pinch you. [to Julian] Wait! I’ll pinch both of us. [they laugh]

Manny: Can I hit my head, what's happening here?

Brooke: I sure hope this isn't a... Oh! [falls of her board, after looking at Sid. She stands up to finish her sentence] Dream.

Gary Wright's Dream Weaver plays as Sid sniffs his paw to see how bad he smells. He makes a disgust sound in slow-motion; Brooke whistles and Bubbles and Misty appear in the scene]

Misty: This guy? For Real?

Bubbles: [sighs] Whatever. [Bubbles gives Sid a ride to Brooke and kicks him onto the floor. He stands up as they ride away]

Brooke: Well, hello handsome! I am Brooke. [Sid giggles as Brooke stretches his mouth] Ooh, such exquisite bone structure. [feels his jaw] Such a strong jaw. I’m getting butterflies! [butterflies fly out of her head]

Manny: I'm getting nauseous.

Diego: Sorry to erupt your weirdo love connection, but we're kind of in a hurry.

Buck: [standing between Sid and Brooke] If we don't do something fast, that asteroid is gonna blow us all into smithereens. [shows the shiny light of the asteroid]

Brooke: Oh, that sounds urgent! I better take you to him.

Diego: Who's "him"? Your leader?

Brooke: He... is our everything.

Bubbles, Misty: [appearing in the air] He sees all!

Brooke: He knows all.

Teddy: [rowing a large piece of the meteor with Granny sitting] And smells amazing!

Manny: Okay, okay, he sounds great! Let's go.

Brooke: Brilliant! Right this way.

[Bubbles and Misty tap two times with their hooves so Brooke and Sid fall down and then floating away. Sid is heard screaming as Crash and Eddie look down. Suddenly, Bubbles and Misty tap two times for the last time to make the rest of the herd fall down and make their plates floating. They are seen screaming and Buck does a surf pose and Crash and Eddie are laying upside down. Manny tries to keep his legs while standing on a platform with Ellie]

Brooke: Please keep your arms and legs inside the tram at all times. But allow your spirit to roam free... in Geotopia! [they float through Geotopia]

Peaches: I have a good feeling about this. Maybe he'll be able to help us!

Julian: She did say he knows all. And all's a lot!

Brooke: Here he is. The master of meditation. The supreme sovereign. The four times heavy thoughts champion of The World! [a Geotopia Aardvark hits a gong as Shangri Llama forms his body in shape. He spits into a bowl which a Geotopia Aardvark holds]

Granny: Is that a llama? I hate llamas. They spit and smell.

Diego: [referring to Shira] So does she.

Crash and Eddie: So do we! [they hi-five]

Shangri Llama: Greetings mammals. The Shangri Llama will see you... [Diego and Manny look confused] now.

Buck: Oh, wonderful. [pause] So where is he?

Shangri Llama: He is here. [turns his head front towards Buck] Talking to you.

Sid: Oh, I get it. He's a ventriloquist and you're the dummy.

Shangri Llama: [seemly fast talking] No, you're the dummy.

Sid: No! You're the dummy.

Shangri Llama: [fast talking still] No, you're the dummy.

Diego: This is the guy who's gonna save us?

Shangri Llama: Look within, you're the dummy. [spits into a bowl which a Geotopia Aardvark holds as Sid ducks down from the spit]

Buck: Disgusting! Loved that. New topic: We're all about to die.

Shangri Llama: Oh, that's no good. Stress is a killer, let us loosen our limbs and open our minds. Downward Dog! [does the Downward Dog pose]

Manny: Uh... Seriously?

Shangri Llama: I'll wait. I have all the time in the world. [Sid, Manny, and Diego do the Downward Dog pose]

Buck: Actually, you don't have all the time in the world. None of us do. You see, there's this thing in the sky.

Shangri Llama: Oh, that blinding light that seems to get larger by the minute? [laughing] What about it? Seems fine to me. [still doing yoga]

Buck: With all due respect, Your Twistiness, that's an asteroid. It's magnetically attracted to this place and it's heading straight for us.

Shangri Llama: [spits again as Geotopia Aardvark runs with the bowl so it can land] Aha! It must desire our magnetic crystals. [showing the crystals] Well, who can blame it? They're really quite something. Did you know their powers eternal youth? I am over 400 years old. Mmm-hmm.

Diego: That's not possible.

Teddy: [off-screen] Sure it is. [on-screen with Granny] I'm 326! WHOO!

Granny: Huh? You don't look a day over 275.

Shangri Llama: We are young, happy and safe. And we always will be. Thanks to... GEOTOPIA! [echoing]

Buck: Kudos. It is lovely. Now, let's figure out a way to launch it into space!

Shangri Llama: [Obnoxiously] I'm sorry. You want to destroy our home?

Buck: It'll be destroyed either way. [holding a little crystal and a space rock; showing them as magnetic] But if we propel this magnetic material into the atmosphere... we can change the asteroid's path and save everyone. What do you say?

Shangri Llama: ...Caterpillar! [Doing the caterpillar]

Diego: So is that a yes? Or…? [Scream] Ah! [Shangri Llama grabs Diego]

Shangri Llama: [cracking Diego's spine] Oh, You are Storing a lot of hostility [flipping Diego] in your lower spine.

Manny: [Angrily] Shangri Llama, how are we gonna...

Shangri Llama: [Doing different yoga moves] Funky Chicken! [Doing the Funky Chicken] Jiggy Jelly! [Doing the Jiggy Jelly] Mashed Potato! [Doing the Mashed Potato]

Buck: Your flexibility is a sight to behold. Now how the devil are we going to launch these crystals?

Shangri Llama: You can't. It's impossible. Whoo! I am bushed. Awesome meeting you guys. Feel free to hang or, you know, whatever. [spits; his spit flies into a bowl which a Geotopia Aardvark holds]

Brooke: Hmm.

Peaches: That's it. He was our last hope. We're doomed.

Diego: Yeah. All we got was a free yoga class.

Sid: On that subject... [tied with Granny] Could you help me please? My nose is dangerously close to my butt.

Diego: Uh, Sid. Why do you have two tails?

Granny: [inside Sid] I'm in here too!

Scene 36

Julian: [sees Peaches crying] Hey, don't cry. Look on the bright side. We get to see our lives flash before our eyes. [a worried Peaches looks at Julian] That means I get to fall in love with you... all over again.

Peaches: [wiping her tears away with her trunk] Only you can make the end of the world sound like a good thing. [sitting and hugging each other, Manny and Ellie watch them what they're doing]

Ellie: We did a good job raising her. She's stronger than we know.

Manny: Two days ago, I'd have given anything to keep her with us. Now I'd give anything just to see her get married, and leave home.

Ellie: Play with her kids, dance with her husband. Manny: Yell at him when he forgets their anniversary.

Ellie: It was a good one, wasn't it? Our life? You, me, and Peaches?

Manny: [as he hugs Ellie] The best. [zooming out showing Ellie and Manny hugging, Diego and Shira hugging, and Peaches and Julian hugging each other]

Scene 37

Scene 38

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Scene 41

Scene 42

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