Quotes from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

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  • (to Manny) This is the world our baby's gonna grow up in, you can't change that.
  • (to Peaches) Welcome to the Ice Age!
  • (seeing the tropical paradise) We've been living above an entire world, and we didn't even know it!
  • (to Manny) Hey. This isn't your fault. It's bigger than both of us.
  • (to Manny after nightmare) What's going on? Are you OK?


  • After we rescue Sid, I'm going to kill him.
  • Sid, whatever you're doing, it's a bad idea!
  • (to Ellie) I'm sorry. I just wanted to keep you safe, and... now you're in the most dangerous place in the world.


  • I know what it's like to feel abandoned.
  • Nooo! I'm too young to be eaten!
  • (has just been snorted into Momma Dino's nose) Whoah! Nice mucus! And I don't say that to everyone.
  • (shouting while running from bull he attempted to milk) I thought you were a female!


  • Look, who are we kidding, Manny, I'm losing my edge. I'm not really built for chaperoning play-dates.
  • (to Manny) For the record, I blame you for this!


  • (greeting everyone) The name's Buck. Short for Buckminster. Long for Buh.
  • (after saving Manny and Diego from a carnivorous plant) Pfft. Tourists.
  • (listing his rules to the rescue group) Rule number one: always listen to Buck! Rule number two: stay in the middle of the trail! Rule number three... (pauses ominously as Crash and Eddie cringe) he who has gas travels at the back of the pack.
  • (sees a giant butterfly as it takes off) I knew that guy when he was a caterpillar! You know, before he came out.


  • (Crash to Buck) How do you know O Great Wisely Weasly One?


Manny: Guys don't talk to guys about guy problems. They just... punch each other on the shoulder.
Ellie: That's stupid!
Manny: To a girl! To a guy that's, like, six months of therapy!

Crash: Dude, you're awesome! You're like the brother I never had!
Eddie: Me, too!

Ellie: (seeing Momma Dino) I thought those guys were extinct!
Manny: Well, then that is one angry fossil!

Manny: Nobody move a muscle!
Molehog: (running) AAAAAAAH!

Manny: (to Buck) When, exactly, did you lose your mind?
Buck: (thinks a moment) Three months ago. I woke up one morning married to a pineapple! (makes a face) An ugly pineapple! (sighs) But I loved her.

Crash: (to Ellie) Can you try to hold it (the baby) in?
Ellie: (from off) Can someone slap him for me?
Eddie: (slaps Crash) Done and done. (dusts off hands)

Diego: (Diego is celebrating his having caught the dino) Whoo! My paws are burnin', baby, are burnin'! I gotta tiptoe! Tippytoe, tippytoe, tip-
Ellie: Excuse me, Twinkletoes? Giving birth here!

Diego: Are you okay?
Ellie: Am I okay? Do you know anything about childbirth?
Diego: No, actually, but (hopefully) Manny's coming.

(Upon seeing Peaches for the first time)
Sid: (gasps) It's a boy!
Diego: That's its tail.
Sid: It's a girl!

Buck: (eats the sand then spits it out) Yeah, um. Momma Dinosaur carrying three babies and some floppy greenn thing.
Manny: Yeah, we're friends with the floppy green thing.

Buck: Everybody stop! (sniffs the air) I smell something. (stabs a tuft of fur with his knife, and smells it) Smells like a buzzard's butt fell off-(smells fur again)-and then got sprayed on by a bunch of skunks!
Diego: That's Sid.

Crash: (after seeing Peaches) I promised myself I wouldn't cry.
Eddie: I didn't! (starts sobbing loudly)

Manny: (as Sid guards the three baby Tyrannosaurs from the mother) Sid! Give them to her! She's their mother!
Sid: How do I know she's their mother?
Manny: What do you want, a birth certificate? She's a *dinosaur*!

Buck: (stopping Manny and the herd from moving on) Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Whoa! What, you-you think this is some sort of tropical getaway? You can't protect your mate, mate. What are you gonna do with those-those flimsy tusks when you run into the Beast?
Crash: Wait. You mean there's something *bigger* than Mommy Dinosaur?
Buck: Aye.
Eddie: "Eye"?
Buck: Aye aye. He's the one that gave me *this* (pointing to his missing eye, which is covered in a patch)
Eddie: Whoa. He gave you that patch?
Crash: For free? That's so cool.
Eddie: Yeah, maybe he'll give us one, too!
Manny: (to a dumbfounded Buck) Welcome to my world.

(The ribcage tram gets stuck midway down the chasm, forcing Manny, Diego, Crash, and Eddie to hold their breath)
Eddie:: (couldn't hold his breath any longer) I can't take it anymore!
Crash: (points to Crash) He breathed it! [gasp] And now I'm breathing it!
[Crash and Eddie start choking for a few seconds]
Eddie:(in squeaky voice) Hey! We're not dead!
Crash:(also in squeaky voice) You sound ridiculous!
Eddie: Me? You should hear you!
[they both start laughing]
Eddie: All right, all right. And a one, and a two..
Crash and Eddie: Christmas, Christmas time is here-
Manny: [while holding breath] Stop! Are you crazy?
[Crash and Eddie giggle, while Diego takes a breath of the gas]
Diego: [in squeaky voice] It's not poison. Huh? [laughs, Crash and Eddie laugh as well]
Crash: That is so disturbing!
Buck: Stop laughing! All of you!
Eddie: [imitating Buck] "Stop laughing! All of you!"
[Crash and Eddie laugh some more, and then shush]
Manny : [in squeaky voice, imitating Buck] "What's rule number one?"
[They all laugh, while Buck scowls at them]
Ellie: They're just laughing. What's so bad about that?
Buck: They died laughing! [points to a bunch of skeletons on the ground below]
Ellie: [gasps] Stop laughing!
Manny: [squeaky voice] You know what's funny, though? We're trying to save Sid, and now we're all gonna die!
[they all laugh]
Eddie: And I don't even like Sid!
Crash: Who does? He's an idiot!
[they laugh some more]
Diego: Thanks for getting me into this mess. It's the most fun I've had in years!
Manny: [sarcastically] Thank you for deserting the herd! That was totally super!
[they all laugh yet again, until a thud is heard]
Manny : [reaches up and tickles Buck with his trunk] Cootchie-cootchie-coo!
Buck : Stop that! [gasps] Don't you see?! [in squeaky voice] We're all gonna die!
[everyone laughs, including Buck]
Ellie: [sighs] We gotta do everything, huh?
[pulls down a tree, bringing the tram down towards her]
Eddie: Sometimes I wet my bed!
Crash: That's all right! Sometimes I wet your bed!
[they all laugh once more until they fall off the tram and see Ellie looking at them]
Manny: [In normal voice] Uh... I'm not sure how much of that you could hear.
Ellie: Oh I heard all of it.
Manny: Right. Yeah.
Eddie: You wet my bed?
Crash: That was gas talk, dude.
Manny: Well, uh, better get moving.
Diego: [normal voice] Aren't we forgetting something?
Buck: [squeaky voice] Here, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! [laughs] I'm so lonely.

Diego: (to Manny, about possibly staying) This is my kind of place.
Buck: (Pick up a rock like it's a cellphone) Hello? Yeah... No,look, I can't talk right now... Yeah. No, I'm trying to recover a dead sloth. Yeah. No, They're following ME! I know! and they think I'M crazy!No... Okay, we're going into the Chasm of Death, I'm... I'm going to loose you. (quietly) Yeah, I love you, too. All right, Good-bye. Good-bye! Good-bye! (throws the rock aside) Okay! Follow me.
Manny: (to Diego) That's YOU in three weeks.

Crash or Eddie: Why do they call it the Chasm of Death?
Buck: We tried calling it the Big Smelly Crack. But that just made everybody giggle.