Quotes from Ice Age: The Meltdown.

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  • I'm not going extinct!
  • What if they're right? What if I am the last one?
  • [To sid and Diego] I'm sorry! When exactly did I join this dating service?!
  • [To Ellie] Look at our foot prints....There the same shape.
  • [To Ellie] Biggest darn butt I've ever seen!


  • We're gonna live! [Water rapidly rises around them] We're gonna die!
  • [After Cholly farts on him] Phew! Well, don't that put the "Stink" in "Extinction?"
  • [Singing a parody of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth"] Stop! Hey, what's that sound? All the mammoths are in the ground!
  • [Singing] If your species will continue, clap your hands!
  • Hey, can you guys slow down a little? I'm dying here! [Vultures stare at him] It was just a figure of speech!
  • [After an elaborate dance sequence with the mini-sloths, which ends in him getting tied up] This is either really good or really bad.
  • Yep. Tomorrow's the day the scary vulture said we're all gonna die. [Immediately starts snoring]
  • [After a dodo gets fried by a geyser] I just did something involuntary.... and messy.
  • [After Manny suggests that Ellie's "tree" doesn't go "all the way to the top branch"] Manny, brink of extinction is a bad time to be picky.


  • [After he and Sid are humiliated by Crash and Eddie]]] If anyone asks, there were 50 of them. And they were... rattlesnakes.
  • Then the hungry tiger eats the pesty little kids. [Roars]
  • Fear is for prey.
  • [To Sid] Correction, you're sinking. Kinda like a rock.
  • [To Manny] He's never gonna let up on you. It'd be easier for all of us if you'd just go with it.


  • [Repeated line]' AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
  • [A mother condor towers over Scrat] Peep!

Fast Tony

  • It's the end of the world!
  • You, ma'am! You look like a fat, hairy beast! How would like to lose a ton or two?
  • Stew! Stew! We're gonna live!.......Well, I am anyways.

Crash and Eddie

  • [As Diego is about to bite Crash's head] You know the best part? We're carrying diseases!
  • Missed me! Missed me! Now you gotta kiss me!
  • [Singing] I believe I can fly! [He crashes into a tree]
  • You want a piece of us?! Let's go!
  • Who's gonna watch my back? Who's gonna be my wingman of mayhem? Who's gonna rollin in the dung patch with ME?!!


  • I can't imagine being the last one of your species." [Manny says he isn't] "Oh you brave, brave soul! That's right! Don't give up hope!
  • That was the bravest thing I ever saw." [Manny talks] "Oh that wasn't a compliment! To a opossum bravery's just dumb.
  • I thought fat guys were supposed to be jolly? [Manny says he isn't] oh, ok! (Whispers) He's fat.
  • [After seeing her and Manny's shadows match] You're right! There the same! You must be part opossum!


  • Vulture: Parents, please do not leave your children unattended. All unattended children will be eaten.
  • Young Song Bird: [To Manny] So where's your big, happy family?
  • Cholly: [Passes Gas] Sorry....My stomache hates me.


[Manny goes over to Crash, who is standing on a small tree]
Manny: So what do you want me to do?
Crash: Just pull the tree back and shoot me into the pond.
Manny: [Looking from the tree to the pond] I don't know...
Crash: If you're too lame to do it, we can get Ellie.
Manny: No no. I can do it. I can do it.
[Manny pulls the tree back with his trunk]
Crash: Farther... farther... farther...
Manny: Have you done this before?
Crash: Only a million times. Farther... farther... perfect. Now... FIRE!
[Manny lets go of the tree and Crash goes soaring through the air]
Crash: I CAN FLYYYYY! [Begins singing] I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!
[Crash rams headfirst into an oak tree, then falls to the ground, unconscious]

[Diego is seen panting, running from the water, holding onto Manny]
Manny: Uh, Diego? Retract the claws please.
Diego: Oh. Right. Sorry.
Sid: You know, if I didn't know you better, Diego, I'd think you were afraid of the water.
[Diego grabs him by the throat angrily]
Sid: Okay, okay. Good thing I know you better.

[Sid realizes that Manny has found another mammoth, Ellie]
Ellie: Wait a minute! I thought mammoths were extinct! [Pause] What are you lookin' at me for?!
Manny: I dunno. Maybe because you're a mammoth?
Ellie: Me? Don't be ridiculous! I'm not a mammoth! I'm a possum!
Manny: Right. Good one. I'm a newt. [Points to Diego] This is my friend the badger. [Points to Sid] And my other friend the platypus.
Sid: Why've I gotta be the platypus?! Make him the platypus! [Points to Diego]

Manny: [Referring to Ellie and her bizarre antics] So, you think she's the girl for me?
Sid: Oh, yeah! She's tons of fun, and you're no fun at all! She... completes you!

Ellie: What about me is attractive?
Manny: Well, uh... your... uh... butt?
[Ellie looks at her butt]
Ellie: What about it?
Manny: It's... big?
Ellie: Oh, you're just sayin' that!
Manny: No really! It's huge! Biggest darn butt I've ever seen!
Ellie: [Touched] Ohh! That is really sweet!

Sid: Maybe we could rapidly evolve into water creatures.
Diego: That's genius, Sid.
Sid: Call me "Squid."

Dung Beetle Dad: [Rolling a ball of dung] Do we have to bring this crap? I'm sure there's crap where we're going!
Dung Beetle Mom: Uh, that was a gift from my mother!

Sid: Manny? Who do you like better, me or Diego?
Manny: Diego. It's not even close.
Diego: [Smug] Heh. Told ya.
Ellie: Manny! You can't choose between your kids!
Manny: He's not my kid. He's not even my dog. If I had a dog, and my dog had a kid, and that dog's kid had a pet, that would be Sid.
Sid: Can I have a dog, Manny?
Manny: No.
Sid: Ellie, can I have a dog?
Ellie: Of course you can, sweetie.
Manny: Ellie, we have to be consistent with them.

Sid: Look! I opened my Camp-Campo de Sid! That means "Camp of Sid."
Diego: Congratulations. Now you're an idiot in 2 languages.

Sid: [Tied up by the mini-sloths] This is either really good or really bad. [Sid looks down to see lava pit underneath him] No, no, no! Me fire-king! Why kill fire-king?! A thousand years bad juju for killing fire-king!
Chief Sloth: Superheated rock from the Earth's core is surging into the crust, melting ice built up over thousands of years!
Sid: You're a very advanced race! Together, we can look for a solution! [Smiles]
Chief Sloth: We have one: Sacrifice the fire-king!
Sid: [Stops smiling] Well that's not very advanced.
Chief Sloth: Worth a shot!

Macrauchenia: Look! Some idiot's going down the Eviscerator!
Manny: [To Diego] Please tell me it's not our idiot.
Sid: [On top of glacier] I'm gonna jump on the count of 3! 1... 2...
Manny: Sid! Don't move a muscle! We're coming up!
Crowd of animals: Jump! Jump! Jump!
Diego: Jump! Jump! Jump!
[Manny glares at Diego]
Diego: Sorry.

[Ellie storms into campsite]
Ellie: Okay, let's go. We traveled with you all day, now you're coming with us at night.
Manny: But we can't see at night.
Ellie: Then enjoy the flood.
Eddie: I can't even look at him!
Crash: Pervert!
[Crash makes the "I'm watching you" gesture]