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Ice Age Village is a game for the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Android products. The plot of the game is to make a village of animals casted in Ice Age, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Ice Age: Continental Drift. There are two in-game currencies, acorn coins and acorns; acorns are much rarer than acorn coins and can be bought with real money. Old unused designs of Ice Age films are used, like the Ice Age: The Meltdown video game gastornis and the spider monkey. Many animals can only be bought at certain times, or won in special events.


Ice World

Dino World

1.0.4(05 July 2012)

  • Your village is set adrift and threatened by the pirates Gutt, Shira, and Squint.
  • New Quests and characters: Louis and Granny.
  • New animals (white tiger and crab) and fun buildings (volley ball court, water mill, soccer field)
  • Add random villages as neighbors and many more items that cost with hearts.


Ice Age Village - Continental Drift update00:49

Ice Age Village - Continental Drift update

1.0.4. Promo Video

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