JSLHardcore An active member of the wiki, knows how to edit, delete, and add pages, images, photos, etc. Active
Nerfmaster8 The latest and most active administrator of Ice Age Wiki. Knows most HTML codes such how to make bold, italic, underline, colored or strikethrough text. Contact if you need help with HTML codes or codes used on templates on Ice Age Wiki Active
Ninxi An active member of the wiki, knows how to edit, delete, add pages, etc Active
RRabbit42 Temporary Content Moderator to help deal with nonsensical edits based off existing fanon. Active

Notify VSTF if no local staff members are available if a spam, vandalism or bot-net attack occurs immediately!

The administrators oversee all activity at Ice Age Wiki. Their main purpose is to enforce the rules, prevent vandalism, and accessing sensitive files. Administrators can help with deleting/undeleting or protecting/unprotecting pages, and blocking/unblocking vandals or violators of the guidelines, among other things. An administrator is the same as any other user here in terms of authority. Major decisions are still made by the community of editors. Administrators are also volunteers and the ones listed above have no official or formal connection to Wikia or Ice Age.

From time to time Wikia Helpers and Wikia Staff will come along, who have administrator access on all Wikia wikis.

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