Ice Cavern (Ice Age 3)
Ice cave entrance

This cavern was an underground ice formation.


Three eggs of a Tyrannosaurus, a species long since thought extinct, had been taken from their homeland and left in this cavern, where they were discovered by a ground sloth named Sid, who, wanting a family of his own, abducted the eggs to raise them as his own children. Following this, Momma returned for her eggs and found them hatched into three baby tyrannosaurs: with this, she took back her babies and Sid and returned to the Dinosaur World.

Upon witnessing his abduction, Sid's herd, consisting of two mammoths, a saber-tooth cat, and two possums, decided to venture into the cave and rescue him. Once Sid had been found, the herd headed back up the cave to go home, taking a newcomer with them: a weasel named Buck, who had been trapped in the Dinosaur World long ago. Buck, however, opted to stay behind in the Dinosaur World, and cut the vines holding the skeleton bridge uniting the two world together, thereby cutting Dinosaur World off from contact with the rest of the world.


Formed from smooth ice, this cave was a vast opening in the ground large enough for dinosaurs to emerge from and connected the Dinosaur World, an immense underground land, to the world above. The cave moved downward and connected both worlds with a giant bridge formed from the skeleton of a long-deceased dinosaur.


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