"Here stood the last oak tree."
―Inscription on the statue's side.[src]
Last Oak Tree Memorial
Last Oak Memorial
Inhabitants Scrat (formerly)

The Last Oak Tree Memorial was a bronze statue.


A large, hollow, bronze statue of a tree, the Last Oak Tree Memorial was erected in the spot where the last oak tree had once stood, situated in a city park surrounded by a vast metropolis in the distant future. Complete with bronze leaves and acorns, the tree bore an inscription on its side that claimed the last oak tree stood there once.


Tree Inscription

The inscription on the tree's side.

In the far-off future, past the days of the ice ages, oak trees had since gone extinct, along with their acorns. To commemorate this, the people of the future erected the great bronze statue, commemorating where the last tree stood.

A saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat had found a time machine back in the ice age that took him into the future. Knocked unconscious for a moment, Scrat woke up to see a tree branch rife with acorns and rushed up to take them before he threw his own acorn aside. The acorn landed on his time machine, which beeped, indicating that it was ready to transport something back in time: Scrat hurriedly destroyed the time machine and rushed up to pull an acorn loose. The acorns were all fused on tight, and Scrat went down to the tree's trunk, where he saw the inscription that declared it the memorial of the last oak tree, words which he could not read, but knew all the same from a tap to the tree's trunk that the tree was not real.


Behind the Scenes

The concept of oak trees being extinct, as well as a monument dedicated to the last oak tree in existence, is a concept shared with The Last Oak Tree, an episode of the English science fiction television show, Doctor Who.

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