Lava Falls
Lava falls
Inhabitants Sid (formerly)

The Lava Falls were the flow of a volcano in the Dinosaur World.


Lava Falls was, as the dinosaur-hunting weasel Buck stated, where newly hatched dinosaurs were cared for, brought there by their parents. One day, however, Buck, along with two opossums named Crash and Eddie, were on the back of a Pteranodon, escaping from a flock of hungry Quetzalcoatlus and looking for a ground sloth named Sid, who had ended up on the flow of lava atop a rock from being chased by a Baryonyx called Rudy, and heading towards the eponymous falls. During the chase, Buck, along with Crash, Eddie and Sid, managed to escape the flock of hungry Quetzalcoatlus when they managed to pull up from crashing, leaving the Quetzalcoatlus to fly directly into the stream of falling lava.


The Lava Falls were a stream of boiling lava that spouted from a volcano, dropping into a canyon of over 1,000 feet of altitude. Behind the falling lava was a number of honeycomb-like rock tunnels that could be travelled through with care.


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