―Young Start[src]
Lily Start (right)
Baby start and baby aardvark
Physical Attributes
Species Palaeotherium
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Grayish pink
Biological Information
Alias Kids (by Diego and Shira)
Status Alive
Residence(s) Herd Valley
Friends Andrew Aardvark (best friend)
Films Ice Age: Collision Course

Lily was a young Palaeotherium, that was friends with a Young Aardvark.


While playing, this young start and her friend ran into Diego and Shira, two Saber-tooth tigers, and were scared by the berry juice dripping down their chins that looked like blood. This left Diego and Shira confused. They later ask Diego and Shira if they helped save the world, and Diego and Shira bond with them, telling them about their story.


Lily, like most other starts, had grayish pink skin. She has blue eyes.



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