This is a list of references to Ice Age in miscellanea.


  • McDonalds released a commercial in 2009 for their Happy Meal. The commercial has Scrat sniffing about for his acorn before finding it and finding a Happy Meal nearby. Scrat steps closer, but the Happy Meal is pulled away: Scrat steps in and embraces it, standing directly on an "X" carved into the ice, at which point a dinosaur foot steps on him, flattening him into the ice. Scratte appears, takes the acorn and the Happy Meal with her, and Scrat pokes his head out of the ice, only to have it flattened with a rock on which the then-upcoming film's logo is engraved.

Video Games

  • Mammoth that's look's alike Manny made an appearance on Spyro: A Hero's Tail who is the antagonist on this game prior to stop Spyro from getting past him to travel through the Icy Wilderness after Red has told him to capture Spyro by stepping on Spyro and have him send him to the cage in Ice Cidatel.


  • Family Guy, another animated comedy show, sees Scrat make an appearance in the episode Sibling Rivalry. Scrat found three acorns embedded in a cliff and Peter Griffin, the show's protagonist, stands on the cliff's edge and calls out that they are his nuts, to which Scrat leaps at Peter, attacking him. Chris Wedge reprises Scrat's role.


  • In the 2002 Disney film Lilo and Stitch, there is an alien and member of the Galactic Order that looks like Sid briefly appears in the opening scene.
  • In the 2005 animated film Robots, a robotic version of Sid can be seen in the distance when Rodney enters Robot City. The robotic version of Sid made his next appearance near the end of the film.
  • In the 2010 film, Diary of a Wimpy kid, Ice Age can be seen playing on the living room TV in the background when the family is eating breakfast.

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