Manny's first wife
Manny's 1st Wife2
Physical Attributes
Species Mammoth
Gender Female
Biological Information
Status Killed by a group of hunters
Family Manny (husband)
Films Ice Age

Manny's first wife was a mammoth married to Manny.


Close to her husband and their child, the mammoth watched over her family well, devoted to Manny and their calf. One day, however, a pack of humans on the hunt found the family and pursued them. In the chase, the mammoth led her calf away as Manny staved off the hunters, unable to reach his family in time. The hunters cornered the mammoth and her calf into a cliff wall, where other humans readied themselves to pelt them with boulders.

The passing of his wife and child had left Manny embittered against the world for years to come, until he developed a new herd with two other creatures, a ground sloth named Sid and a Saber-Tooth Tiger named Diego, the former of which convinced Manny in time to let go of his troubled past.


This mammoth was protective of her calf and loyal to her husband, both of which she kept close to until hers and her calf's passing at the hands of a group of humans. Unlike other mammoths, this mammoth had no tusks.


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Behind the Scenes

It was revealed in the commentary for Ice Age that this mammoth is Manny's late wife.[1]