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"Look at us. We look like a normal herd to you?"
―Diego to Buck about his herd.[src]

Manny's family was a herd of various animals that began with a mammoth named Manny.


Manny and his first wife conceived a child, who was killed, along with its mother, by a tribe of humans on the hunt.

Manny soon after met the ground sloth Sid and the saber-tooth tiger Diego, both of which he, along with another mammoth named Ellie and her possum brothers Crash and Eddie, came to embrace as his family. Not long after, Manny and Ellie had a calf of their own, a female named Peaches.

Further on, Diego himself took a wife: a female saber named Shira, who had abandoned both her old pack and the pirate crew of animals that she once followed, adding onto Manny's family, along with Granny, Sid's grandmother, who had been left off by Sid's family for him to take care of.

Family Tree

                                                        Mother Opossum--+--Unknown possum
      Manny's first wife------+------Manny------+------Ellie(adopted) Crash        Eddie           Diego------+------Shira          Sid
                              |                 |
                              |                 |
                              |                 |
                       Manny's first child   Peaches


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