"That guy? For real?"
―Mariachi Band Beaver[src]
Mariachi Band Beaver
Ice Age Collision Course Mariachi Band 2
Physical Attributes
Species Beaver
Gender Male
Fur Color Brown
Biological Information
Status Alive
Residence(s) The Valley
Friends Mariachi Band Palaeotherium (friend)
Mariachi Band Baptornis (friend)
Sid (friend)
Films Ice Age: Collision Course
Voiced by Carlos Ponce

The Mariachi Band Beaver was a beaver that was apart of a Mariachi Band.


This beaver played a guitar-like instrument in his band. This beaver and his band were hired by Sid, a ground sloth, to impress a sloth named Francine after he proposes to her.


Like most other beavers, this beaver had brown fur and small legs. He wears a pink sombrero and has a red flower around his neck.