This article is about the species called "Mars Creature" You may be looking for the Mars Creature who got turned to stone.
Mars Creature
Mars Creature
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Unknown
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Varying

Mars Creatures were a species of small fish-like animals that lived both on land and in water on Mars during the ice ages on Earth.


Looking very similar to sirens, Mars creatures swam and were able to breathe on land. They were covered in scales to protect their bodies and had long tails, looking similar to fish, making it easier for them to swim around, while in water.


Earth-like Mars

One of the Mars creatures on Mars before Scrat crashed the UFO into Mars.

While a Mars creature was on land, Scrat, a saber-tooth squirrel, was in a UFO and crashed it on Mars. It destroyed all life on Mars, making these creatures extinct.

Behind the Scenes

Mars Creatures are fictional creatures similar to sirens.


Ice Age: Collision Course (First appearance)